Executive members organize and run CREATE . They promote the event, train mavens, and plan the entire conference. Scroll down to learn more!

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Claire Liu

hi everyone !! i’m claire and i’m so super excited to be this years co-president alongside the absolute hottie that is sagaana sivathason. this year will be my fourth year on create and let me tell you that joining create as a delegate in grade nine was one of the best decisions i could have ever made. this council and conference has brought me so many amazing memories and i know it sounds like cap everytime people say this but i mean it when i say i’ve met some of my best friends through this conference. i really hope you all give us a chance this year despite everything going on and, although i can’t promise you that you’ll have an awesome time (even though it’s pretty likely :0), i CAN promise you that we will not have green hoodies again :P


Sagaana Sivathason

Hi there! My name is Sagaana and I’m a Grade 12 student at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, and I’m so excited to be your Co-President alongside Claire this year! If I had to describe CREATE in three words, they would be FUN, FAMILY, and FOREVER. Fun-filled experience, friends like family, and memories that last forever; I guarantee you’ll find all three at CREATE! Regardless of what grade you’re in, what school you’re from and who you are, I promise you’ll find your place here in our CREATE family :)

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Sarah Sun

Heyo guys! I’m Sarah Sun!! I’m in grade 12 at Richmond Green Secondary School. This is only my first year on the create exec team but I’m SO EAGERR to meet everyone and be an amazing exec hehe! I really want to help push people out of their comfort zones to connect with other swaggy people. Can’t wait to create new memories and experiences with everyone!! 😤🤧❤️

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Judy Zhou

Hey, I'm Judy Zhou, and I'm a grade 11 student at St Roberts Catholic High School. This marks my second year as a CREATE member. And let me say, the experience there is one you need to experience too. CREATE provides you the opportunity to grow not only as a person but also allows you to make new friends. Not only that but the campfires are >>>> EEEE, I hope to see you there and I'm sure it's going to be a great experience.

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Cliff Xing

ni hao (你好) i’m clifford call me cliff and i’m the technology exec for this year. when i first joined create i was looking for friends because i didn’t have any and although i still don’t have any i must say that create was definitely one of the best highlights of my high school year. From engaging in fun activities, to meeting new people and even taking part in prompts, my create experience last year has been very fun and i hope to see you there this year <3

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Christar Lim

Hi friends!! Christar here! I’m the CREATE Treasurer for the 2020/21 year. This is my third year on CREATE & I’m looking forward to seeing all the new & familiar faces at our conference this year. CREATE holds such a special place in my heart as I truly learned so much about myself, and made so many unforgettable high school memories alongside some pretty cool people. From eating the snacks you’ve packed with your roomies from dusk till dawn, or singing at the top of your lungs around the campfire AND trying to wake up to the 8am wake up call LOLOLO, I promise this is a special opportunity you don’t want to miss. So come apply & be a part of something truly magical, our CREATE family! BRUH BRO trust me, you won’t regret any second of it. <3

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Summer Chu

Hello! I’m Summer! This is my third year at CREATE and I am so happy and grateful to be a part of the exec team this year! CREATE has always been THAT event I look forward to and asks my friends to join every year. I first applied without any idea of what the CREATE conference is… and I have to thank my past self for joining CREATE because… wow…. It was filled with (pleasant) surprises, not to mention all the amazing people you meet and all the cozy memories mmmmm. When I’m not at CREATE you can catch me at the studio dancing and complaining about back pain. :D (you are more than welcome to join me 🕺 anytime) I can’t wait to meet everyone and I hope to see you soon!

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Logan Kwong

Yo, This is Logan (A.K.A The long hair activities exec dude). I have been in CREATE for two years, JEEZ, CREATE is really one of my favourite memories. Over-night trip, sharing a room with your homies and campfire, you can experience all that in CREATE. I know, I know, going to a new place where you have to step out of your comfort zone to meet new people can be hard, but hey, never try never know. I met so many interesting people during CREATE, we laughed together, hanged out together and even cry together. Yeah, CREATE is an amazing event, it gives you opportunities that you do not normally have in the school and you get to be your true self. Anyway, after all this self promotes, I am looking forward to meeting all of you at the conference, if COVID gets better…… but believe me, IT WILL :)

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Adrian Cheng

Hey!! It’s Adrian, one of your CREATE Activities Execs! I’ve only been to CREATE once and I’ve been that student who felt too good for extracurriculars, but I’m serious when I say that it is worth the dedication. Whether you’re joining to make an impact in the face of a pandemic or hoping to spoon with your boys at night during the conference, I can promise that you’ll never forget the memories that you’re gonna make. You have a great experience and a better version of you waiting; all you need to do is jump in. We’re excited to see ya 🥵🥵

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Rachel Chan

HEY!! I'm Rachel, your Activities Executive for CREATE 2020-21! I am a Grade 12 student at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, and this is my fourth and (sadly) final year on CREATE. I heard a lot of good things about conference when I was in Grade 9, so I decided to check it out, and I am proud to say that it's been one of my most memorable high school experiences to this day. I had the opportunity to talk to people from all grades; something I was always afraid of doing at the start of high school. Besides singing around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and staying up all night talking (lol), CREATE has given me the chance to reflect and work on myself, never failing to teach me something new every year. Although this year's conference may look a little different than usual, I promise it will still be an amazing opportunity to take leadership in your community while forming new friendships! I can't wait to see you all there :D

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