Want to be a part of leading teams of delegates and helping out in the CREATE 2019-2020 conference? Scroll down to learn more!

Roles and Responsiblities:


A Maven has a role similar to a camp counsellor and a mentor. Mavens will be put in pairs and each pair will be given a group of delegates at the conference. Following the conference, Mavens are expected to take action on their initiatives and lead the group to take action in the community. Please keep in mind that a Maven is expected to stay committed throughout the entire year. 


- Lead delegates through all activities
- Form personal bonds with the delegates and facilitate communication within the group
- Be a leader to your group and to others
- Be prepared to work with a variety of students and fellow Mavens
- Be prepared to talk about current and sensitive topics with delegates


- Must be a high school student attending a high school in Markham
- Be available at the date of conference (November 22 - 24)
- Attend all training days

To ensure that CREATE Mavens are prepared for conference, executive members host training sessions leading up until conference. These sessions will take place at local libraries and community centres. Furthermore, post-conference, mavens must meet with delegates and implement their group's prompt.

By applying to for the maven position, applicants agree to attend all training sessions and meet with delegates to ensure their prompt is successful.

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